Sünnipäeva tort küünlaga 80 detaili


4 laos

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Mõõtmed ca 15×8 cm

rikkalik tore sõnnipäevatort

materjal: plastik


  • CREATIVE FUN – a beautiful, pink birthday cake can be decorated according to your own vision and idea. The set includes a lot of accessories such as fruit, meringues, candles that can be arranged on the cake according to your own idea. It gives you endless creative fun for hours.
  • POSSIBILITY OF CUTTING – the pieces of the cake are joined together with Velcro. Ready, decorated cake can be “cut with a real knife” and spread out into plates. It is an excellent exercise of manual skills of the youngest, and also an ideal training before learning how to cut with a real knife.
  • LIGHTING CANDLE – the set includes a glowing candle, thanks to which the fun in a birthday party becomes even more realistic and full of emotions.
  • ACCESSORIES FOR A SMALL PARTY – what would a birthday party be without accessories such as plates, cutlery, cups or a kettle? After all, a beautifully decorated and cut cake must be eaten at a party with teddy bears and parents! Or maybe someone wants a piece of roulade, a cookie or a sweet cupcake for a delicious tea? No problem! The set includes everything necessary for the perfect birthday party!
  • SPECIFICATION – age: 3+; certificates: CE, EN 71; dimensions of the cake (diameter / height): 15 / 10cm; set weight: 360 g.

  • age: from 3 years
  • certificates: CE, EN71
  • dimensions of the cake (diameter / height): 15 / 10cm
  • set weight: 360 g
  • weight with packaging: 555g


  • cake – 6 pieces
  • roulade – 3 pieces
  • plates – 2 small and 2 large
  • cutlery – 2 sets (knife, fork, teaspoon) + cake knife
  • 2 cups + jug
  • 6 candles small + 1 large
  • fruit: cherries, kiwi, mandarins
  • meringues, icing sticks, muffins, cookies
  • trumpet
  • teddy bear, heart
  • stickers for wrapping
Any fun at a birthday party will be extremely successful if it is accompanied by a birthday cake to cut. It’s as many as 80 different elements that can be combined in many different ways, so there is no room for boredom and monotony. Pink birthday cake consists of 6 pieces that are fastened together with Velcro . The set also includes many accessories and decorations with which you can decorate a birthday cake for a girl as you like. Creative fun will never end! The accessories can be changed, rearranged, moved – to create your own perfect cake.