Tegeluskuubik, sorteerimiskast


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mitmekülgne tegeluskuubik/sorteerimiskast

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  • 5in1 – it is in the cube 5 colorful _ walls n , each of them has a different task for the child. Rotary gears, math cubes with animals , labyrinth with animals , sorter with wooden blocks. In the set, the child receives 7 different-colored and different-shaped blocks to be placed in a wooden cube. Each of the blocks fits only one of the holes in the educational cube. The top panel can be downloaded and play with it separately as well.
  • MADE OF WOOD – wooden toys are a timeless proposition that will delight every toddler. Classic beauty wood and its resilience make it always enjoys great recognition. This raw material looks good both in natural color and painted.
  • SECURE – the toy is safe for the youngest. All wooden parts are there perfectly sanded and painted with environmentally friendly paints. The game is safe for every child. The natural raw material means that even if a child takes the toy into his mouth, he will not have contact with plastics.
  • FUN AND DEVELOPMENT – the cube is primarily beautiful, vivid colors stimulate the imagination of the youngest and stimulate their creativity. Playing with the interactive cube is also true exercise manual skills and eye-hand coordination. With an educational toy, a child can learn shapes, learn to count, develop logical thinking, learn colors, shapes, read hours on a clock, etc.
  • SPECIFICATION – color: multicolored; material: wood; number of sides: 5; number of blocks: 7; dimensions (length / width / height): 15/15/15 cm; weight: 1 kg; weight in the package: 1.1 kg.


  • color: multicolor
  • material: wood
  • number of sides: 5
  • number of blocks: 7
  • \ dimensions (length / width / height): 15/15/15 cm
  • weight: 1 kg
  • weight in the package: 1.1 kg